Modern Inbound

Web based Inbound Call Control

  • A Variety of Number Types Available:
  • 0800, 0844, 0871, Area Call
  • Online Configuration and Management of Numbers
  • Call Handling Features including Auto Attendant and Time of Day
  • Advanced Features including, Call Recording, Call Queuing and Contact Centre.
  • Voicemail with Relay to Email
Modern Inbound

Modern Numbers and Inbound Call Services can be used to provide your business with intelligent call routing, a professional image, increased sales response, a revenue stream from inbound telephony, a disaster recovery solution for inbound calls and access to advanced services which would previously have required expensive stand alone solutions. These services combine to produce an inbound collection of services we call Modern Inbound. Modern Inbound is a web-based inbound call control solution, which uses virtual numbers that simply point or ‘translate’ to an underlying telephone number. Non Geographic Numbers are not location specific, for example, 0800, 0844, 0871 and 03, however Modern Inbound can also provide Area Call Geographic numbers that start 01 or 02.

Modern Inbound allows existing numbers to be ported in to the service, ensuring no change of contact numbers for your customers and providing a solution for businesses relocating to a new area who wish to retain their existing geographic numbers.

Modern Inbound numbers also offers instant access to extremely flexible and creative call handling services, including Auto Attendant, Find Me, Call Recording, Divert on Busy, Fax to Email and Time of Day routing, together with additional options such as Call Queuing, Caller Greetings, Contact Centre functionality and Voicemail with a forward messages to Email Service.

Modern Inbound Numbers and services can be easily provisioned online by you and re-pointed, at anytime, with no delay and no additional cost - important in an emergency situation.

The Modern Inbound product set includes a range of other business contact solutions:

  • Fax2Email - Receive Inbound faxes on a PC
  • Email2Fax - Send Outbound faxes from a PC
  • Conferencing - Quickly set-up, administer and record audio conferences
  • Broadcast SMS - Send text messages to one or many recipients from a PC

Start off with a simple number translation service that links to a single destination number. There is an option to add time of day based routing to this service.

Then you could add the additional benefits of Pre Connection Greetings, Whisper Announcements and the option of One to Many routing.

Go to the next level of Modern Inbound and have the additional benefit of time of day routing, a fully featured IVR (“press 1 for sales, Press 2 for accounts etc.”) and Hunt Groups with departmental routing to ensure calls are always answered in work hours. There is an option to add call recording to this service.

Additionally why not have call queuing in the network, with a range of caller comfort announcements, a choice of music on hold and the option to opt out to Voicemail, all with on line queue management capability. Again, there is an option to add call recording to this service. All the features of the Modern Inbound products can be configured and managed using your on line portal.

You could even have a fully feature inbound Modern Inbound Call Centre. This is the finally level of inbound functionality in the network, it brings a truly bespoke contact centre solution, utilising all the functionality of the Modern Inbound platform to create the perfect match for your inbound call control and call handling requirements from a range of high level features. This Modern Inbound Call Centre solution adds management reporting information such as a call status summary and total answered calls.


Modern Inbound Number Types

Modern Inbound offers a wide variety of Inbound Call Services using Area Call Numbers such as 0203, 0161 etc and Non Geographic Numbers (NGNs) such as 0800, 0844 etc.

Traditional inbound call services can only be pointed to a standard PSTN telephone number; so when someone called it they are connected to a person waiting to receive the call at a single location. Number owners also have to contact their service provider if they want to change the routing of a number on either a temporary or permanent basis, with protracted lead times to enable any changes.

Now Modern Inbound provides you with access to advanced features such as Time of Day Routing, Call Queuing, Auto Attendant Services, Call Recording etc., without the need for expensive onsite hardware. All of these services can be instantly reconfigured by customers using a simple web interface and can significantly enhance the user experience, or enable calls that might otherwise have been lost, to be answered.

Modern Inbound allows users to route calls to mobile and international numbers - not just UK numbers - ensuring the delivery of comprehensive contact solutions for business customers.

Number Ranges

0800 (Freephone)

Calls to this number are free of charge if the caller is using a standard telephone service, but calls from mobile operators is chargeable. Typically used in a sales environment as an incentive to the caller to call you rather than a competitor. 0800 numbers have been proven to generate more inbound calls in a like for like environment than a standard PSTN Telephone Number.


The caller pays 5p per minute regardless of time of day. Increasingly used as an alternative to 0845 numbers and these numbers generate an out-payment to the owner of the number for all the calls received.

0845 (Local Rate)

The caller pays a local call rate, if they are using a standard telephone service, but calls from other operators, especially mobile operators, can be significantly higher. This number range has been widely used in customer service environments.


0870 (National Rate)

The caller pays for a national rate call if they are using a standard telephone service, but calls from mobile operators, can be significantly higher. These numbers are being widely replaced by 0844 and 0871 numbers, as they no longer generate an out-payment to the owner of the number for all the calls received.


The caller pays 10p per minute regardless of time of day if they are using a standard telephone service, but calls from other operators, especially mobile operators, can be significantly higher. This number is often used for information lines or booking lines where the customer possibly wants to discuss an offer seen on a website.

An out-payment is generated for the owner of the number for all the calls received.

Area Call

Modern Inbound can offer every UK area Code as a hosted solution for Inbound Calls. The number sits on our network and callers will be diverted to your chosen contact point, with a range of inbound call services also available. This enables you to have virtual offices across the UK. You can also have a number which is local to an international caller, such as a German number in Berlin which is routed to the Modern inbound service (the caller pays a local call charge – the owner of the number pays for the international call charge element).

It is also possible to port existing geographic numbers on to our platform, so that valuable telephone numbers can be retained and calls delivered to a new destination of your choice, with a range of inbound call services also available.

The Area Call solution can be used to allow small businesses to publish local numbers, which may be more attractive to potential customers and answer the calls at a central location.


A new 03 number range was introduced by Ofcom as a non-geographic alternative to chargeable 08 numbers such as 0870. Calls to 03 numbers cost the same as calls to standard geographic numbers (i.e. those beginning 01 or 02).

Unlike any other non geographic number range, calls to 03 numbers must also be included in any inclusive call minute packages or discount schemes offered by fixed and mobile network operators and from payphones. Revenue sharing is specifically disallowed on 03 numbers.

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