Moves, Adds and Changes

Moves, Adds and Changes

We use the term moves, adds and changes to describe an extension move to a new location in your building, an additional extension or number of extensions and any general changes to your system programming or set up.

Modern telephones always try to make a change to your system remotely depending on your system this can be via modem, ISDN terminal adapter or via IP but we always try this method first as it keeps the cost down to you and speeds our response as we do not need to travel to site. If your system does not have remote access we will advise you how to go about adding it as in the long run you will make savings having your system accessed by us in this way.

We are happy to come and make changes to your system even if we are not the system maintainer, maybe you are satisfied with the maintenance support you get but are not getting the response you need for changes, Modern telephones will help you and you may even find you make savings over your existing charges.

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