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Business Hosted IP Telephony

Business Hosted IP Telephony

Hosted IP Telephony provides businesses with a network based service, providing a comprehensive range of telephony features for a monthly user fee. The monthly fee includes all maintenance and support costs, giving you superior service at an all inclusive price. A hosted solution not only provides a very rich feature set at low cost but also saves companies a significant amount of capital expenditure.

Hosted IP Telephony allows customers to replace on site PBX infrastructure with a network based, hosted solution. The service fulfils a wide range of requirements, ranging from basic services for small or single site operations, to more sophisticated services for those businesses that operate multiple sites or call centre operations.

Service features range from dial tone to advanced multimedia functionality. Each user is able to access full PBX functionality across a variety of different devices including IP phone, PC, PDA and dual mode (GSM + WiFi) mobile phone. A simple PC client and web interface provide easy calling and call control from any Internet connected device.

Benefits Include:

Flexibility If you don't want to go to your office, your office comes to you. Ideal for home working and ideal for people out and about. In this environment you can be contacted on your office extension wherever you are in the world.

Advanced features Presence, attendant console, multimedia conferencing, collaboration, home worker, call centre, call recording, one number find me follow me, Outlook integration, conferencing and disaster recovery are just some of features that can help your business become more efficient and productive

Reliability All our services are provided on resilient systems, ensuring you experience an unrivalled level of service availability and reliability.

Good value You choose the functions you want and pay only for those. You get access to new technology and large company features at a fraction of the cost. Request only what your company needs now and just order more when or if you need it. No more equipment obsolescence and depreciation!

Easy to support As the service is hosted, there is no on site PBX, reducing time and costs for implementation. Once in service, all management functions are web based, making moves and changes easy and reducing your internal IT requirement and training costs.

Lower Costs There are considerable cost savings in our solutions: cheaper calls, free calls, fewer calls, lower cost moves and changes, lower capital expenditure. But the real benefit is a more productive workforce, saving time and effort in communication, improved remote working and reduced need to travel.

Easy to operate The user interface is PC based with easy to understand icons and graphics.  Now your employees can set up conference calls, do their own routing and much more at a click of a mouse, making communication really work for them.

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Personal Agent

Personal Agent is a web based interface which allows users to define the  rules for redirecting their incoming calls (based on caller ID, time of day, etc.) from a single directory number (or SIP address) to any device. The Personal Agent also provides:

  • Call Screening - provides programmable screening procedures based on caller ID
  • Find Me/Follow Me - redirects incoming calls based on caller ID, time of day and day of week
  • Simultaneous Ringing - allows an incoming call to ring all communication devices at the same time Sequential Ringing - allows an incoming call to ring communication devices in a user-defined sequence
  • One mailbox - allows for one voice mailbox to be used for multiple communications devices  
    One phone number - allows user to be reached on any phone including mobiles from one inbound phone number
  • Access from any web browser - changes can be made to users' personal accounts from any PC anywhere in the world.
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